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Why It’s Critical To Choose A Cybersecure MSP?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an organization that is appointed to set up and maintain a business’s network and infrastructure such that the business can focus on its core authority and responsibility. A company may outsource its IT infrastructure or a portion of its operations to an MSP based on predefined guidelines and a broad range of responsibilities, with a predicted goal in mind. A hired MSP may be important for enhancing hardware and network performance based on the service provided. Other services provided by an MSP include protection from cyber attacks and/or security breaches, management of online backups, and constant monitoring for system breakdowns.

Nowadays age, it is critical for a company to focus on how to keep sensitive information secure. Companies are learning the hard way that network security is a lead indicator. They are seeing the value of constantly monitoring and maintaining computer systems to ensure smooth business operations. However, for some businesses, this job is too difficult. Because of financial or skill constraints, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are particularly vulnerable. A managed service provider can help to solve the problem of business efficiency and security.

How Does a CybereSecured MSP  Affect Your CyberSecurity?

Irrespective of the offerings you receive from an MSP, regulatory requirements and industry standards are increasingly focusing on the risks businesses pose to your data. According to research, third-party IT infrastructure security breaches charge small businesses an average of $179,000 per breach in May 2018, while large organizations lost $1.474 million per breach. That means you must conduct thorough research on potential MSPs.

Why Cybersecurity Should Be a Top Priority of MSPs?

  • Competition Of MSPs

People prefer trying to deal with specialists to trying to deal with generalists. If you have a heart problem, for example, would you proceed to see your family physician or would you prefer to see a cardiologist? MSPs must begin changing the way they communicate with prospects. It is no longer essential to maintain a company’s network’s high availability, connectivity, and availability; these benefits are now expected. MSPs who are gaining new customers now talk regarding identified risks, risk tolerance, risk mitigation, and risk ownership, and they aren’t afraid to talk openly about the consequences and outcomes of a badly secured network in an ever-changing threat environment.

  • High Demand For CyberSecurity

All businesses, large and small, are vulnerable to cybercrime. Unfortunately, because many MSPs do not hold regular review conferences with their clients, information security and mitigating risk strategies are not widely discussed. What is the outcome? Employees are not being adequately educated on how to play a greater role in cyber threat prevention. According to the latest IBM security breach report, human error is responsible for 23% of data theft. This number, however, can be easily reduced with regular discussion and education between the MSP and the client.

  • Better Protection

Yeah, of course, you are interested in protecting your clients from cyberattacks and ransomware. However, standardizing on a minimum viable security program and trying to enforce that stack across all of your customers will protect your MSP as well. As an MSP, your general security stance is only as strong as the weakest connection, so allowing your users to decide their safety stack and protection measures relying on an arbitrary, preconceived budget turns your MSP business into a piece of Swiss cheese, with massive gap holes that attackers can easily penetrate.

  • Better Security For Insurance

In the case of insurance, whether related to cybercrime or not, insurance companies will typically investigate the case to determine who was guilty of negligence or potentially at fault. In the occurrence of a ransomware attack in which a company is forced into paying the ransom, their claim may be denied if the investigation finds that you, the MSP, were not enforcing a consistent level of security all over your clients, and/or your client chose NOT to update their necessary security to effectively protect themself. This result will not only be financially disadvantageous to the customer, but it could also elicit bad emotions and discontent towards your MSP for failing to properly start educating and protecting them.

What do MSPs do For Your CyberSecurity?

The quality of the security measures is critical regardless of the type of information security management provider you select. You must have confidence that you are safe from unauthorized access and security breaches. The following areas should be covered by device and network security services:

  • lowering the likelihood of data breaches and attacks in IT systems
  • Put in place security measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • Preventing service disruption, such as denial-of-service attacks.
  • Defending IT systems and networks against unauthorized access.
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum to maintain high productivity.
  • Ensure business continuity by safeguarding information assets.
  • Gives you peace of mind by protecting confidential information from security threats.

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With increasingly sophisticated attacks, it is no surprise that small businesses require cyber secure MSPs. Obtaining MSP assistance is a critical step in ensuring the security of your company. However, teamwork is the final piece of the puzzle to achieving cyber resilience.

There is no single solution to protect a business because combating these threats requires collaboration. The relationship is mutually dependent, as MSPs require security expertise to fill gaps, and SMBs require MSPs to achieve cyber resilience. To meet the needs of SMBs, Sun IT Solutions provides custom-built solutions. Working with us can provide you with access to threat intelligence, endpoint protection, backup and recovery, and other similar solutions.

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