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24/7 security monitoring

Experience round-the-clock protection with our 24/7 security monitoring services. At the core of our recommended security solutions is the Security Operations Center (SOC), vigilantly operating every hour of the day to detect and identify potential security threats. Together with your dedicated Sun IT Solutions team, we swiftly engage in triage and remediation processes to ensure your digital safety and peace of mind.

Cybersecurity compliance

Achieve your industry-specific cybersecurity compliance effortlessly. Whether it’s PCI for retail, HIPAA for healthcare, or GDPR for businesses in Europe, our Sun IT Solutions team collaborates closely with you to craft a tailored security strategy that meets and exceeds these compliance objectives. Partner with us for a compliance solution that safeguards your business and instills confidence in your customers.

Multi-layered security solutions

Optimize your defense against cyber threats with our multi-layered security solutions. In the dynamic landscape of cyberattacks, which can range from infected emails to compromised admin accounts, having a singular line of defense is not enough. Our comprehensive security approach includes a checklist of 15 recommended security strategies, ensuring that if one layer fails to detect a threat, another is ready to intercept and neutralize it. Protect your digital assets with our robust, multi-faceted security measures.

Cloud security solutions

Elevate your cloud security with our integrated solutions, designed to harmonize policy and device management across your organization. This strategic approach ensures secure and seamless access to your cloud services, safeguarding your data and operations in the digital space. Trust our expertly crafted solutions to protect your business in the cloud environment.

Prevent unauthorized access

Safeguard your systems from the risks of unauthorized access with our advanced security measures. The theft of credentials can lead to costly breaches, making it critical to implement robust protection. Our strategy includes multi-factor authentication, continuous dark web monitoring, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and more, offering 24/7 defense against potential threats. Trust us to fortify your digital barriers and keep your data secure.

Security Awareness Training

Elevate your team’s cyber defense skills with our Security Awareness Training. Our user-friendly training programs are designed to keep your staff ahead of cyber threats with the latest content and interactive online modules. Featuring comprehensive reporting capabilities, our training solutions empower you to effectively manage and track the progress of your security training initiatives, ensuring your workforce is cyber-aware and resilient.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Boost your network’s security with our Endpoint Detection and Response solutions. Our automated monitoring system diligently scans end-user devices, including computers and mobiles, for malware, ensuring any infected system is promptly quarantined. This proactive approach not only protects your network but also maintains the integrity of your connected devices, keeping your digital environment safe and secure.

Phishing Protection

Fortify your defenses against phishing with our advanced Phishing Protection services. As phishing attempts grow more sophisticated, our Anti-phishing technologies employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to relentlessly scan and identify phishing emails, ensuring they never reach your team’s inboxes. Equip your business with our determined and smart response to these pervasive threats, safeguarding your communication channels effectively.

DNS Filtering

Enhance your online safety with our DNS Filtering solutions. The web is riddled with malicious websites and deceptive links. Our DNS filtering service proactively blocks suspicious URLs, shielding your business and preventing your team from inadvertently accessing hazardous sites. Secure your digital environment and ensure a safer browsing experience for your entire organization with our cutting-edge protection.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthen your security posture with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Our solution thwarts hackers armed with stolen credentials by requiring multiple forms of identification, ensuring only authorized users gain access to your business data and systems. Implement MFA to add an essential layer of defense, safeguarding your digital assets against unauthorized access.

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