Efficient IT Solutions & Highest Quality Products

Always there – The professionals at ​​Sun IT Solutions Inc manage our technology 24/7/365. We can always trust them to provide the most efficient IT Solutions and highest quality products to resolve our technology problems. If you want an IT service provider that’s always there for you, we highly recommend the experts at ​ ​Sun IT Solutions ​ inc

Henry Han
Mini-Micro Supply Inc. Canada

Quick Response To Any Issues

We are extremely happy with service we receive from the staff at Sun IT Solutions. They are quick to respond to any issues or questions we have and Lloyd always offers solutions so that the same problems don’t arise again.

Thank you to Lloyd and his team. We can focus on our business while they take care of our IT needs.

Kevin Stanley
Skyreach Window Cleaning Inc.

Completing The Project In A Timely & Quality Matter

The recent system enterprise initiative that you have undertaken at Climetec Industries speaks volumes for the expertise and commitment that you and your team have for your customers and completing the project in a timely and quality matter. As you are well aware we had many manual spreadsheet systems which now no longer exist and have been replaced by a automated system which was implemented and functioning in record time without major delays or business disruptions. This indeed has saved Climetec considerable amount of money as we can now do much more and not have to increase our resources significantly. The project you completed also is and will save Climetec a considerable amount of money and time and allow us to better serve our customers.

Suntel Technologies is a trusted partner to Climetec and you understand our needs and are always there to recommend a better and cost saving approach to our IT needs. Also, the service you provide is exceptional and always delivered with a smile.

Thank you for your many years of service as our trusted partner.

Flavio Bergamin
Climetec Industries Inc

VoIP Telephone System - Costs Dropped By More Than 80%

SunTel has been taking care of our computer network for over 5 years with excellent results. An added benefit is that he also looks after our telephone network, so we do not have to deal with another source. Three years ago we moved and downsized, a hair raising experience! SunTel convinced us to switch to a VOIP telephone system. This we did with some trepidation seeing that we are not "high tech'" people. We found that it was virtually trouble free and our telephone costs dropped by more than 80%. How could we not be pleased with that? We also found that staff who live some distance from the office, i.e. Kitchener, Bradford could utilize the VoIP phone system with a handset at their homes which were connected directly to our network, so that they could contact support people with simply an extension number. Wonderful! We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending SunTel.

Richard Waite
Salix Systems Limited

Cost Effective Solutions

The professionals at Sun IT Solutions are knowledgeable and experienced in the IT industry. We can always trust them to provide the most efficient solutions and highest quality products to resolve our technology problems. With SunTel by our side, we have the confidence to continue growing our business. They continue to deliver the best service and most cost effective solutions.

Mike Mintsopoulos
Truck Equipment & Service Co. Ltd

Always prompt, professional & proactive

I cannot say enough about the staff at Sun IT Solutions. Following our serious server crash the service they provided our business was the absolute best. A technician from SunTel was onsite almost immediately and worked non-stop to get us back up and running with the result that we had almost no downtime. SunTel is always prompt, always professional and always proactive. If you want an IT provider that is always there for you, we highly recommend the experts at Sun IT Solutions.

Amelia Folco
Jupiter Industries Inc.

Lloyd is an indispensable member of our Team

You always believe that a server and/or network crash only happens to other people and other companies. Well two years, our firm became another casualty to a server crash, causing enormous inconvenience and incredible stress. Although Lloyd knew our firm and had assisted us in setting up and personalizing some fairly complicated accounting programs in the past, things shifted into high gear once our server crash occurred. Never had we encountered the diligence displayed by Lloyd, who responded to our emergency telephone call immediately and proceeded in a fashion commensurate with his own business server failing. Within days new hardware was delivered to our office awaiting installation and Lloyd had managed to have apparently irretrievable accounting information and years’ worth of financial statements recovered from our old, failed hard drive. Lloyd worked through double and triple shifts and thought nothing of using his weekend to fashion the finishing touches of his craft. He is a true asset and our firm is very appreciative and grateful that he manages all of our IT concerns. Today our new server works like a charm and backs up automatically on a daily basis.

Having accomplished the near impossible, we are also pleased to confirm that no task is too small or trivial to merit his complete, uninterrupted and immediate attention – from suggesting appropriate software for our office requirements, to installing and programming new peripherals on existing stand-alones.

We are very lucky indeed, and proud to confirm, that Lloyd is an indispensable member of our team!

Tino Zentil
D.Zentil Mechanical Inc.

Cost Effective VoIP & IT Services Provider

Our company turned over our IT services to SunTel a year ago. SunTel cleaned up our aging infrastructure, and got our network back to peak performance. A major concern for us was the finicky backup system that was put in place years ago. We now have a rock-solid backup system to protect us from data crashes. Perhaps the best thing that SunTel has done for us is to introduce us to the world of IP telephony. Not only did we gain access to state-of-the art new features such as integrated e-mail / voice mail / faxing, we now enjoy “follow-me” voice calls to allow clients to contact us no matter where we are physically. Our off-site employees have local extensions so that they not only enjoy all the same features as they would at head office, but all conversations with them are also free!

Our company benefited financially as well. Our land line and long-distance costs are now a fraction of our previous phone company charges. We were able to pay for the system in only six months with the savings we realized.

We highly recommend SunTel to any business that would like first rate IT service or an upgrade to their existing telephone systems.

Richard Tso
Racing Forensics Inc

Prompt service to change their phone system

Just wanted to let you know that the phones are working out great and to thank you for your prompt service. I would be happy to recommend SunTel onto anyone looking to change their phone system.

Kathy Ruzic
Banks & Starkman,Barristers & Solicitors

Key partner in the launch of integrated ERP System

SunTel has been a key partner in the launch of our integrated ERP system. The professionals at SunTel took the time to understand our various business segments and our unique IT needs. They have worked with us to develop a professional service plan that helped streamline our business processes and prepare us for the future. We really appreciate the time they dedicated to helping our company move forward.

Paul McCracken, CPA, CA
CFO & Director of Business Development
Bay Area Health Trust

Efficient & Cost effective

We have been using Sun IT Solutions for almost 6 years and have found them to be both helpful and responsive to our needs. As a technology company ourselves, offering hosted solutions to our clients, it is critical that we have a robust and stable network. SunTel has delivered both in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Andy McRae
Dot2Dot Communications Inc

Save money with less server downtime

Trusted advisory – The professionals at Sun IT Solutions Inc are knowledgeable and experienced in the IT industry.But now with the help of Sun IT Solutions Inc, we have more time to take care of business matters. Their personalized service plan has helped increase productivity, saving us both time and money.With the help of Sun IT Solutions Inc, we actually save money with less server downtime and more time to grow our business

Jude Joseph
JBS Expedite Ltd.

It has been around 7 months since we began working with Sun IT Solutions and the entire experience has been nothing but perfect. They are all extremely talented, respectful and helpful people. Our company has been running smoothly with productivity at 100% and we know we can rely on them to respond quickly and thoroughly to all inquiries. I sincerely recommend Sun IT Solutions for your tech support services.

These guys are amazing. Their ability to respond and resolve issues accurately and quickly is superb. They are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

The team at Sun IT Solutions is always super supportive, helpful, thorough and thoughtful with any IT requests we may have! Whether it's a small ticket or a large renovation project, they are always professional and follow up to get us to a solution.

I want to thank you and your team for helping us get our medical billing system back up and running so quickly. You consistently provide us with top notch service and now you’ve proven that you can do so even in an emergency! There is no one more professional and responsive than Sun IT Solutions.

Sun IT Solutions provides excellent IT services to our small boutique law firm at reasonable prices. The company employs friendly, knowledgeable techs, and has all systems in place to respond to issues both remotely and in person.

We get consistently great service from Sun IT Solutions. The professionals that work with our firm are knowledgeable, prompt and follow up to make sure that we are satisfied. The firm has enabled us to outsource our IT infrastructure, save us a significant amount of money, and provide us with first class service.