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$30 per extension/month, including IP phones

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Optimize Communications with Virtual PBX/Cloud PBX/Hosted PBX

Embrace the future of telephony with our fully cloud-based Virtual PBX/Cloud PBX system. No need for extra infrastructure or capital expenditure—transition seamlessly to a sophisticated cloud phone service and contact center platform. Enhance your business operations with this cost-effective solution.

As your business expands, our network effortlessly scales to meet your needs—free from unexpected fees. We offer special pricing and tailored packages for various types of businesses.

Key Features:

Pricing: Only $30 per extension/month, including IP phones. Minimum of 5 extensions required.

Enhance Your Business Communication

In today’s world, important messages can easily be missed amidst numerous communication channels. Effective internal communication is essential for any successful business. Sun IT Solutions streamlines your communication processes, boosting productivity, enhancing collaboration, ensuring technological compatibility, and improving accessibility. Ensure your team has the vital information they need to thrive.

Connect Seamlessly From Any Location

The concept of the office has evolved with the rise of remote and hybrid work models. Employees now work effectively from diverse locations, supported by tools like Teams, Zoom, and Slack. Sun IT Solutions enables your business to unite teams globally, ensuring seamless connectivity no matter the distance.

Harness Cloud-Based Solutions

Embrace the cloud for a competitive edge rather than fearing it. Sun IT Solutions expertly evaluates your current setup, integrates communication systems, and manages remote devices. We enhance file security and streamline both onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring seamless coordination whether your team is remote or on-site.

Empower Your Team with Cybersecurity Training

Equip your employees to be your first line of defense against cyber threats by training them in cybersecurity best practices. Sun IT Solutions offers comprehensive training programs to help staff identify phishing emails and avoid social engineering scams across platforms like Teams, Zoom, and GoToMeeting. Enhance your security posture and enable smarter, safer work practices.

Optimize Your Communication with VoIP Services

Leverage VoIP technology to transform traditional telephony into a network-driven communication system with Sun IT Solutions. By switching to VoIP, your business can significantly reduce communication costs and improve operational efficiency. Embrace modern, cost-effective solutions that enhance connectivity across your organization.

Enhance Collaboration with Video Conferencing

In today’s digital workplace, video conferencing is essential. It enables teams to visually connect, communicate audibly, send collaborative messages, and share screens effortlessly. Sun IT Solutions provides advanced video conferencing tools that foster effective teamwork and improve project coordination, regardless of geographical barriers.

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