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All the Microsoft 365 Apps Explained

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service offered by Microsoft that provides you access to a massive product line of Microsoft Office. Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint are the common Microsoft apps we all know about, but Microsoft 365 provides access to a lot of other innovative Office apps. So, this blog will explore all the Microsoft 365 apps so that you get a better view of all the apps and might also find new ones that are useful to you.

How to View your Apps in Microsoft 365

The very first thing you should know is how to access all the apps that are available to you under your Microsoft 365 subscription. To check that, go to and sign in with your login credentials. Once you sign in, you will see popular apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and similar others on the left sidebar. Click the “All Apps” icon located at the bottom left corner and it will show you all the Office apps accessible to you.

If you are a consumer of a personal or family account, you might notice some new apps, like Sway, Power Automate, etc. Similarly, if you are a work or school user, you might notice even more new apps, like Bookings, Lists, Visio, Yammer, etc. We will explore all these apps in this article.


Calendar app is a standard calendar app that provides all the functionalities you can expect from a calendar-based app. You can set meetings or appointments with others and can also see who has accepted or declined your meeting request. Moreover, the app will also give you reminder when a scheduled meeting is approaching. Besides that, you can also sync your calendar with your smartphone and remain more productive.


Excel is a popular Microsoft app that uses spreadsheets to organize and format data with functions and formulas. You can even get insights about your data in graphical form and can do a lot more with your data.

Family Safety

Family Safety app is available for consumers and offers different functionalities, such as set screen time for Windows and Xbox One, content restrictions, app and game limits, etc. Moreover, you can also find where your family members are and can even use the Drive Safety feature to check how your kids are driving.


Forms app helps you create surveys, quizzes, or forms that you can share instantly with participants and get the results in real-time. You can create intuitive surveys, rating pages, and similar other forms. You can visualize results instantly and can even export them to Excel.


OneDrive is a cloud storage solution offered by Microsoft that allows you to store your files and all other data in the cloud (Microsoft servers). You can access those files anytime, anywhere, and even share them with others instantly. Moreover, it also helps you to recover your files if your computer malfunctions or you accidentally delete those files from your computer.


Just like your physical notebook, OneNote is a digital notebook that allows you to take notes digitally and make them appealing using different fonts, images, bullet points, etc. You can access these notes from different devices at any time.


Outlook is an email client, which means it allows you to send and receive emails. It comes with a lot of functionalities to elevate and automate your emailing experience. For example, you can create a rule to automatically transfer emails from a specific person to a dedicated folder. Moreover, you can easily search very old emails, pin them, and do a lot of other functions.


People is the app that helps you manage all of your contacts. You can include information like their email, phone number, address, or small notes about them. Once you have set up contacts in People, you can also create a list containing specific contacts to easily email all those contacts in the list instantly. Moreover, you can also create groups that help you have shared emails, calendars, files, etc.

Power Automate

Power Automate helps you automate tasks that you repeatedly do. For example, you can set Power Automate to save all the attachments you receive in the email to OneDrive. In short, it is meant to ease your Microsoft 365 experience and increase your productivity.


PowerPoint is another very popular Office app that allows you to create professional presentations with appealing graphics, graphs, texts, etc. You can even add 3D shapes and also record your presentation with audio and video. Moreover, it also offers a unique feature called Speaker Coach that helps you become a better presenter.


Skype is a messaging app that allows you to do text messaging, voice calls, video chats, and also share files. It has no meeting time limit, so you can have longer meetings without any restrictions.


Sway empowers you to make interactive reports that you can easily share with others. You can consider Sway as a combination of PowerPoint and an interactive webpage.

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