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2022 Business Cybersecurity Trends

Due to covid, cyber security threats increased massively last year. It was considered the worst year in cyber security’s history. Numerous attacks have occurred as a result of the rapid digitization that many companies have experienced in recent months. And the outlook or prediction for 2022 isn’t much better.

Cybersecurity remains a top priority for corporate executives in 2022, as a variety of trends influence their approach to strengthening digital defenses. This causes a rise in ransomware attacks, the implementation of zero trust models, and much more state-sponsored threats in the aftermath of the Ukraine dispute.

It is critical to understand numerous new trends to address emerging threats and elevate their role; however, this requires rethinking security practices and technology, as well as planning to respond to changing threats.

High Rate Of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is an offensive propaganda effort that can seriously harm a firm’s image while also preventing the victim from accessing critical files. Attackers or hackers are now using secondary paid content channels to sell stolen information on the dark web.

These cyberattacks are becoming much more common as a result of the rise of the ransomware as a provider (RaaS) business model. RaaS operators lease out or sell subscription services to their malware creations, allowing more malicious hackers to launch ransomware attacks. Because of its financially rewarding nature and the difficulty in tracking down and prosecuting operators, the RaaS model will survive and thrive in 2022 as well.

Increasing State-sponsored Attacks

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia will act as a gateway for an increase in state-sponsored cyber attacks. A specific country is the source of malicious state-sponsored attacks. They make an effort to advance the interests of that country. Hackers frequently target those nations’ transportation systems, military, and corporate entities. Iran was indeed the victim of the first effective and sustainable nation-state attack in the year 2010, when the pretty advanced Stuxnet computer virus, reportedly produced by the US and Israel, destructed Iran’s nuclear weapons facility.

In 2017, Russian programmers launched the NotPetya nation-state cyberattack in Ukraine. The attack was intended to target Ukraine’s financial, power, and state organizations, but it spread due to its uncontrollable nature, affecting both European and Russian businesses. The Ukraine-Russia dispute has the potential to cause widespread devastation.

Phishing Scams

Phishing attacks are becoming more common and more severe. There is Phishing as a Service, attempting to make it even more important for organizations to defend themselves available on the internet. Presently, phishing scams are the most serious threat to the IT industry. Millions of people fall for such extensive scams, in which cybercriminals use various methods to carry out various types of scams, ranging from elaborate business email compromise schemes to injecting malicious URLs in emails.

Heretofore, malicious hackers would reach more people and wait for individuals to participate in their scams. Phishing can still be more personalized and targeted locationally. Scammers are already using victims’ GPS locations to create customized phishing websites or mailing chains. It thus makes it hard for users to distinguish between both phishing scams and the real thing, which is one of the reasons they fall victim to these scams.

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