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What is an MSP? (Managed Service Provider)

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider that acts as an outsourced third-party company that provides IT infrastructure support but with a proactive approach. What differentiates MSPs from IT consultants is their approach towards providing IT support. IT consultants are commonly called when there is a problem, and against that service, they charge hourly based. Their service style is more like a reactive approach. On the other hand, MSPs are meant to prevent the problem to occur in the first place and provide services with fixed pricing plans.

What Do MSP’s Do?

An MSP working principle focus on two key elements, as follows:

  • Monitoring: MSP operations involve continuous 24/7 hardware monitoring, which helps to detect if any hard drive or server is failing. This way, the IT staff can quickly replace the failing ones to overcome the situation before any hardware goes down.
  • Patching: MSP also patches servers, operating systems, and workstations. It helps to avoid cyber-attacks, such as ransomware, data breach, malware, etc.

Who can get Benefits from MSPs?

The major industries that can benefit from MSPs are the heavily IT-dependent ones, such as manufacturing, distribution, etc. In the present digital era, such industries cannot operate without having dedicated IT teams or committed MSP services. But those organizations that are under strict financial and security regulations or under HEPI usually don’t prefer to outsource their IT needs.

Added Values with MSPs

MSPs are the best way to address the present IT needs effectively, but the added value with MSPs is that a business is leveraging investment. For example, if an organization has a few hundred thousand dollars investment in its data center and the security system, then it’s quite challenging to justify such a big investment. With MSP, an organization becomes capable to leverage investment.

MSPs are the IT Future

In this digital era, the future is shifting towards more practice of outsourcing. The target of businesses should be to make money and then outsource whatever they could. For example, the majority of businesses today outsource payroll. Similarly, IT needs must be outsourced unless a business has very precise reasons to keep in on-premises. In a nutshell, MSPs are going to trend a lot in the coming years.

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