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Top 8 Zoom Mobile Tips & Tricks

The majority of tech users have become aware of Zoom due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. They know how to connect to a meeting, schedule a meeting, or do other primary activities with Zoom. But some of us still don’t know some of the great features hidden in Zoom that can enhance our experience. Therefore, this blog present 8 tips and tricks of Zoom mobile that you surely want to know.

1.Touch Up My Appearance

Everyone likes to look fresh and charming in meetings. Zoom helps you up here with its “Touch Up My Appearance” feature. To use this feature, click “Settings” from the bottom right corner and then click “Meetings”. Now click “Touch Up My Appearance” and it will open the camera so that you can adjust the settings as you like. Turn on the toggle button and adjust the appearance enhancement level from the scale. Once done, click the “x” icon from the top right corner.

You can also turn on this feature while in a meeting. During a meeting, click “More” from the bottom right corner and then click “Meeting Settings”. From there, turn on “Touch Up My Appearance”.

2.Auto Connect Audio

Whenever you join a Zoom meeting via mobile, it shows a pop-up message asking to join audio. A meeting without audio seems strange, so it’s better you set up the automatic audio connection setting and never see the pop-up message again. To do that, click “Settings” from the bottom right corner and then click “Meetings”. Now click “Auto Connect Audio” and set it to “Wifi or Cellular Data”. Afterward, click “Done”.

3.Custom Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom allows you to change background while in a meeting and set up default or your own virtual backgrounds. To do that, click “More” from the bottom right corner during a meeting and then click “Background and Filters”. There you will see few default backgrounds and you can also add your own by clicking the “+” icon. To remove the backgrounds, click the “Edit” button and then remove the backgrounds you no longer need.

The default setting of Zoom makes the chosen background appear in all of your present and future meetings. But if you like to use it only for one particular meeting, then go to “Settings” and click “Meetings”. Now click “Keep Virtual Background For” and select “Current meeting only”. This way, the selected background will only appear in the present meeting.


Zoom allows you to customize your meetings to have a better experience, and that’s why it provides different filters that you can apply while being in a meeting. To access them, click “More” from the bottom right corner during a meeting and then click “Background and Filters”. Go to the “Filters” tab and select any one of the filters you like to use. Below filters, you also get the option to apply the filter to all meetings or not. So, pick the filter and adjust the setting as you like.

5.Share iPhone/iPad Screen From PC

You can use the Zoom PC software to share your iPhone/iPad screen. To do that, join a Zoom meeting from your PC, click “Share Screen”, then click “iPhone/iPad”, and hit the “Share” button. Pick your iPhone/iPad, swipe down from the right-hand corner, and click on the “Screen Mirroring” icon. Select the Zoom option showing there. You will notice that your iPhone/iPad screen starts showing on the PC Zoom meeting. You can use the “Annotate” option from the Zoom meeting to draw, add text, or do other activities on your phone shared screen.

6.Safe Driving Mode

If you are about to start driving while being in a Zoom meeting, you probably want to have more focus on driving instead of Zoom video. To address such situations, Zoom provides a “Safe Driving” mode. During a meeting, swipe the screen to the right and it will turn on the safe driving mode. This mode will turn off the video and your microphone, and provide you a speak button so that others can hear your audio only when you want.


Zoom has spent heavily on its security measures to make users stay assured that they are using a highly secure app. In addition, Zoom also provides you different security settings that you can adjust, such as lock meeting, hide profile pictures, etc. To access such settings, click “More” from the bottom right corner during a meeting and then click “Security”. There you will see multiple security settings that you can adjust.

When you are hosting a meeting, Zoom provides a feature with which the meeting link can automatically get copied in your phone clipboard. This way, you can quickly paste the link anywhere you want and invite the participants. To set up this setting, click “Settings” from the bottom right corner and then click “Meetings”. Scroll down until you see the “Auto-Copy Link Invite” option and then turn it on. Now whenever you host/start a meeting, the link will automatically get copied.

Wrapping Up

Zoom mobile has extensive use in the present times, while its use is expected to remain high post-pandemic. Therefore, exploring the hidden settings and features can greatly help you to master the app and use it more effectively.

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