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Top 20 Microsoft Outlook Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Outlook – I can bet on it that you must know about it. After all, there is a reason why it is used by millions and millions of people all around the world.

However, half the people don’t even know the full potential of the application. Yes, there is so much that you can do to make things easier and increase the productivity of the application.

1.Create A Poll

We are way ahead of the voting buttons now, you can work with polls. In a new email, click on insert and select insert poll. You can now enter a question and create a poll.

2.Organize with Folders

A very simple and often overlooked feature is the folders. To be organized, you should make multiple folders to help keep emails organized. Simply keep on adding folders.

3.Distribution Lists

If you are frequently emailing the same people, make a list to make things quicker and easier. Create your contact group.

4.Limit Notifications

The wise thing is to limit notifications to only important people. After all, not all emails are important, right? Do so from Mail options and select stop message alerts.

5.Dark Mode

With the dark mode, it becomes easier to work with. Select the dark theme from the files > office account > theme.

6.Email signature

On the new email > signature. Make your signature here.

7.Block Emails

It is true. You can block junk emails. All you need to do is go to junk dropdown and select whichever option you want to.

8.Quick Parts

You can easily add pre-formatted text in your emails. Highlight the text and go to Insert > quick parts > save the part

9.Shared Calendar

You can also share your calendar with others on your list to see you are on the same page.

10.Quick Steps

Why not make things easier with quick steps to simplify your work? Outlook has some pre-defined ones, but you can customize them. Make your steps and tell Outlook what you need to have done on your behalf.

11.Time Zone

File > Options > Calendar. This is how you can change your time zone when you travel abroad.

12.Create Notes

Ctrl+Shift+N allows you to create sticky notes.

13.Conversation Mode

You have the option to view messages as an entire conversation by clicking View > show as a conversation.

14.Unified Inbox

This helps you see all the inbox of your different accounts. This will make life easier.

15.My Day View

Get a glimpse of your to-do and your calendar.


Right-click on a folder/email and set rules. This will tell Outlook how to reply

17.Read Receipts

Enable these to know when your email is read.

18.Schedule Delivery

Delay delivery by going to options > Delay delivery and select when you want to send the email

19.Offline Mode

Work in peace with this mode. Click Send/receive > work offline

20.Email Templates

These make work easier. Choose from these.

Make use of these today to make your Outlook experience easier, faster and simpler.