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Security Awareness Training In Essential For Toronto Businesses

Security Awareness Training is the main aspect of successful cybersecurity defense. You need to ask yourself; are your staff members putting your business at risk or are they giving the necessary support to your cybersecurity?

It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive firewall or the latest firewall, antivirus, or other cybersecurity top gears and tech, your business might be at risk from your staff members and employees.

Statistics have it that more than 90% of cybersecurity breaches and incidents can be linked back to the human factor.

While this is very true, the solution to having a true and cohesive cybersecurity system is very simple but yet overlooked by many. A potential cybersecurity problem can be avoided if one member of staff who does not understand how to use cybersecurity technologies is positioned to gain awareness about such technologies.

Make your employees cybersecurity assets

Engaging in Security Awareness Training opens doors for employees to grasp knowledge on how to identify and avoid becoming victims of phishing emails and scammers. Being a part of our Dark Web Scanning service, Sun IT Solutions offers a variety of essential Security Awareness services and training to help educate and train your employees and entire staff strength.

Monthly Security Awareness Programs

Our training program will include:

  • Showing your staff members how to identify and handle suspicious emails, social engineering tactics, phishing attacks, and many more.
  • Showing your staff members how to utilize business technologies without the risk of exposing key data and other business assets to prying eyes and external threats by accident or mistake.
  • Showing your employees how to act or respond in the case of a suspicious attack going on or has already occurred.

Quarterly Phishing Test

Research has shown that an average phishing attack can cost any business up to $1.6 million in losses. Phishing has become a popular method with which cybercriminals and hackers can send fraudulent emails that would seem to be from a reputable source all in a bit to get sensitive information from unknowing users or recipients of the emails. This can be used for various things including selling sensitive information on the dark web or even executing significant financial transfers and transactions.

We can liken the phishing technique to “fishing” for victims by sending out fraudulent emails. This is one very common hacking technique on the internet and virtually everyone on the internet today has experienced or encountered a phishing attack.

Phishing attacks could also take the form of mass emails being sent out to victims requesting credentials and sensitive information under disguise, malicious links to websites, or using malware attachments.

Is any of your staff members at risk of being socially engineered to be a target of phishing? Our well-structured Quarterly Phishing Test is designed to simulate such attacks and put your employees to the test and provide insight to you if you need to invest more in cybersecurity awareness training.

Don’t put your organization in harm’s way through your staff

A large bulk of cybersecurity depends on the users. This means that giving proper training and education to your employees and volunteers is a great path to tread. The more in-depth knowledge your staff members and workforce have concerning cybersecurity and the best practices, the more confidence they have when using the technologies at their disposal in a secure way.

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