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Managed Service Providers – How it Works

In the present times, companies around the world are facing common operational hurdles that are increasing the importance of managed service providers. Many companies have a dedicated on-site IT team whom they are paying regularly, including the other payments, such as vacation pay, sick pay, etc. Such an IT team works on-premises and monitors IT infrastructure continuously, along with helping other employees in IT-related matters. Having a dedicated IT team seems a necessity in the present times, but it associates a lot of expenses. In this perspective, managed service providers present themselves as the ideal solution to meet IT needs at only a fraction of the cost compared to having a dedicated on-site IT team.

Working Scenarios of Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers are meant to manage most of the IT-centric operational activities of a company 24/7 and 365 days. Following are the different working scenarios in which MSPs are involved:

  1. MSP can provide support for your IT systems, networks, firmware, hard drives, software, telecommunication (internally and externally), and monitoring of every workstation.
  2. A company usually has financial, billing, sales, operations, and human resources departments that can be very well managed through an MSP.
  3. MSP can set up a ticketing system (helpdesk solution) where any of the company employees can set up a ticket. Afterward, the MSP representative will address that ticket and resolve the issue, such as email-related, documents-related, or other hardware/software issues. This greatly reduces the stress level among employees and increases productivity.
  4. MSP can set up a business intelligence solution where a company can learn about its IT solution efficiencies and find out any inefficiencies in the system.
  5. Commonly, when a company encounters an IT problem, it calls some IT experts to resolve the issue, such as fixing a computer, adding software, updating hardware, or similar other tasks. In such cases, a company pays per hour to those IT experts for their services. But MSP helps to get rid of such costs. MSP works with a proactive mechanism, where the representatives of the MSP are continuously monitoring your IT system, hardware, software, virus attacks, and other vulnerabilities. This way, MSP usually gets a hint if any hardware/software malfunction is expected to occur. Therefore, it gets fixed quicker at a lower cost.
  6. MSP can also handle software licensing, warranty issues, vendor management, telecommunications, maintenance, and similar other activities where a company manager or higher authorities don’t want to get involved.

MSP comes at a monthly fixed price and that cost is extremely low compared to having an on-site IT team. In the present competitive digital era, companies’ main focus should be to become more productive and provide top-notch services to the customers, while they must outsource all the time-consuming operational works and reduce the hefty cost associated with them. In a nutshell, MSPs present as an ideal companion for companies to meet their IT-centric needs effectively.

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