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How to Transfer Photos, Videos & Music Between iPhone & Windows PC

How to Transfer Photos, Videos & Music Between iPhone & Windows PC | No iTunes or iCloud

It is often a struggling job to transfer photos, videos, or other files between iPhone and Windows PC. For that, many users use iTunes or iCloud to do the transfer. However, what if we tell you that you can transfer data between iPhone and Windows PC wirelessly without installing any application using just the same Wi-Fi connection. This is exactly what this blog is going to present. Here we will discuss in detail the step-by-step approach on how to transfer photos, videos, and music between iPhone and Windows PC. So, let’s get started!

Step #1 Create a New Local Account on Windows PC

The very first step is to create a new local account on Windows PC so that you can use it to transfer data. Follow the below steps to create a new local account on Windows PC:

  1. Open the Windows search bar and type “cmd”. Right-click the best match option and click “Run as administrator”. It will open the Command Prompt.
  2. In the Command Prompt, type “net user “transfer” “123” /add”. Here “transfer” is the local account name, while “123” is the password. You can set a more difficult password if you want. After typing the command, hit the “Enter” key.

This way, you have successfully created a new local account.

Step #2 Create a New Shared Folder and Set Permissions

Now you have to create a shared folder on your PC that your iPhone can access. Follow the below steps to create a new shared folder and set permissions:

  1. Go to desktop, right-click, and then click New > Folder.
  2. Rename the folder to your choice. Let’s rename it to “iData”.
  3. Right-click the folder and click “Properties”.
  4. Go to the “Sharing” tab and then click the “Share” button.
  5. Now you have to select the people with whom you want to share the folder. So, select the new local account you created earlier. To do that, click the drop-down button and then click “transfer”. Afterward, click the “Add” button.
  6. Under the “Permission Level”, click the drop-down button next to the “transfer” account and set it to “Read/Write”. Afterward, click the “Share” button and then click “Done”.
  7. Click “Advanced Sharing” to set the permissions.
  8. Tick the “Share this folder” checkbox and then click “Permissions”.
  9. Click the “Add” button and then type “transfer” and hit the “Check Names” button. Once the system detects the account, click the “OK” button.
  10. Tick the “Allow” checkbox next to “Full Control” to give the person full control of the folder. This way, you can transfer data to and from your iPhone and PC. Once done, click “Apply” and “OK” until all pop-up windows are closed.
  11. Go to Command Prompt again to get the IP address of your PC on the local network in order to use it to connect iPhone with the computer. To do that, type “ipconfig | find “IPv4” and hit the “Enter” key.
  12. Note down the IP address.

This way, you have successfully created a shared folder and set up the permissions.

Step 3# Connect the iPhone Files App to the Shared Folder

The next stage is to connect the iPhone Files app to the shared folder of Windows PC. Follow the below steps to do it:

  1. Open the “Files” app from your iPhone.
  2. Click the 3-dot icon from the top right corner and then click “Connect to Server”.
  3. Enter the IP address you recorded earlier and click “Connect”.
  4. Click “Registered User” and then enter the password “123” or whatever password you have set up initially. Once done, click “Next”.

This way, your iPhone Files app is now connected with the shared folder and you can see the “iData” folder in it that you created earlier.

Step 4# Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

Since the iPhone and the PC are paired with the shared folder, it’s time to transfer files between them. Follow the below steps to transfer files from iPhone to PC:

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone, select a few photos, and click the share button from the bottom left corner.
  2. Scroll down and click “Save to Files”. Afterward, select the “iData” folder and click “Save”.

This way, the photos will be sent to the shared folder, which you can now access from the same folder on the PC.

Step 5# Transfer Files from PC to iPhone

Just like transferring files from iPhone to PC, you can also do the same from PC to iPhone. Follow the below steps to do it:

  1. Copy and paste a photo or video file from any PC storage drive to the shared folder.
  2. From iPhone, open the Files app and click the IP address.
  3. Open the “iData” folder and there you will see the photo or video you transferred to the shared folder from the PC.
  4. You can view the photo or video, but it is not saved to your iPhone currently. To save the file, click the share button from the bottom left corner and then click “Save Photo/Video”.

This way, you can transfer data from PC to iPhone easily.

Although iPhone and Windows PC don’t seem to show a friendly bond, the wireless connection can streamline the data transfer hassle. By following the above steps, you can transfer data between iPhone and Windows PC easily through a shared folder. So, set up the shared folder today and start sharing files easily right away.

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