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How to Speed Up Windows 10 PC

Is your PC running a little slow lately? Seems like your Windows 10 need a little optimization. So, today we will be talking about some simple, reliable and effective tips and tricks to help give your Windows 10 the boost it needs. Surely, you will be surprised how a few tweaks here and there are needed to do the trick.

9 Ways to Speed Up Your Windows 10 PC


One of the major reasons for a slow Windows 10 PC is the fact that we simply don’t keep an eye on new updates. Microsoft introduces new updates every now and then along with new drivers. So, the first thing to do is to install these updates.

Start > Put in Update > Check for updates > Hit install if there are any pending updates.

2.Uninstall And Disable Startup Applications

Remember how your PC used to start up in just a few seconds when it was now? With time, you add so many applications that it can be one reason for a slow PC. See which applications start running when you start the computer. Uninstall them if not required and if you don’t need them at the startup, disable them.

Taskbar > Startup tab

From here disable the tabs that take have high impact and don’t need it. Remove them from add/remove apps and save space and improve start up time.

3.High Performance

By default, computers follow the option of “balance performance” But, for better performance, you can change it to “High performance”

Click Start > Power and sleep settings > Additional power settings > select High Performance

4.Don’t Install Unnecessary Antivirus Programs

One thing most people don’t know is that Windows has its security system and you don’t need to install others. They will only consume resources.

Start > Type Windows Security > Security at a Glance > Scan your PC or check for updates

5.Visual Effects

If you are more into performance over visuals, disabling some might just tweak up the performance.

Start > Type Adjust the Appearance and performance of Windows > Select Custom and uncheck what you don’t need.

You can even choose to adjust for best performance.

6.Reset the PC

If nothing is working and you NEED to get it to work faster, reset the PC for good.

Start > Type Reset PC > Recovery View > Reset your PC

7.SSD Drive and RAID0

Getting these two will increase the performance manifold. Get an SSD and RAID0. This will allow you to save files on two different hard drives.

8.Defrag the Hard Disk

When used, a hard disk becomes fragmented. This means that the files are stored randomly and it takes time to bring them together, thus slowing down your PC. So, defragging clears up space and makes the PC faster

Start > Type defrag > select drive > Click optimize

9.Disk Cleanup

An old and reliable method is disk cleanup to rid the PC of unnecessary files and junk


As you can see, knowing how to speed up Windows 10 PC will help you give the much-needed boost to your PC.