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Dark Web Protection and Monitoring in Toronto

Sun IT Solutions is the leading company that helps Toronto businesses protect their assets and business from dark web threats.

The Dark Web – what it is

One thing associated with the dark web is its privacy and anonymity, which is usually linked with criminal activities. If you are looking for the best way to safeguard your organization from the risk of the dark web, then you are at the right place.

When we talk about the internet, some things come to mind; websites, message boards, marketplaces, etc. The truth is that the internet is just a part of the web; in fact, it only represents the surface of the web, which is referred to as the open web. The open web is the portion of the web that we can see and access using our browser and when you input a search term into the search engine. This brings up sites that everyone can access.

The dark web is not too different from the open web, but the major difference is that it cannot be accessed using your regular browser or search engines. Most times, it requires that you have the actual URL of the sites to be able to access it. A good example is the Hidden Wiki, which is a hidden version of the regular Wikipedia.

Furthermore, to access the dark web, you need a special type of browser called anonymizing browsers. An example of an anonymizing browser is Tor. They ensure that your IP address is obscured. Tor enables users to hide their locations and identities from prying eyes, government agencies, and ISPs (internet service providers). This is one major reason why criminal activities are carried out on the dark web. Illegal activities seen on the dark web include trading stolen credit card numbers, stolen subscription credentials, hacked bank accounts, and even software that can be used to hack people’s computers.

What’s the significance of the dark web to your business?

The main area that interests most businesses when it comes to the dark web is the Darknet Marketplaces (DNMs). DNM are known for illegal trades and are now being used to sell all kinds of unlawful products and services such as illegal digital products like stolen intellectual property, codebases, pirated software, etc.

With open anonymous access to DNMs, any employee with malicious intent can solicit bids using critical company in-house information from anonymous customers. Studies have shown that most organizational and corporate breaches can be linked to an internal person giving out critical company information. Employees can expose company data without disclosing their identity and thus sell sensitive data, codes, access on any DNMs. It even gets more complicated with the use of Bitcoin for the transaction payment, which is a guaranty of anonymity when paying for such illicit acts.

How can you combat the exposure of your organization to dark web threats?

To combat such threats posed by the dark web and thus safeguard your business against dark web risks, you need to monitor the dark web and DNMs properly. Why this might sound easy, there is more to it than meets the eyes, especially when it has to do with accessing criminal technologies. Thanks to the dark web, even a child without technical knowledge can hit on your business with a DOS or Denial-of-Service attack by only renting botnet time on any DNM.

Although the dark web is both open and anonymous, DNMs can still be monitored easily, which allows you to take the necessary steps and actions to remedy these situations. Here are some tips on dealing with the threats from the dark web:

  • Ensure that your encryption is robust as long as sensitive information is involved. Also, ensure that the encryption method is up to date at all times. This is because encryption methods become obsolete very fast and require constant updates.
  • Get into partnership with an IT service provider trusted and reputable to help monitor, detect, and react to threats before it escalates. Ensure that one of their services includes dark web monitoring.
  • Monitor the entire dark web and specific DNMs that poses risks to your business.
  • Monitor the devices of your employees and their activities online for any dark web access.
  • Create an actionable response plan in case of a situation whereby your business data or information shows up on the dark web. The plan must include how to handle your clients, stakeholders, and the legal aspects in case of a breach.

Are you searching for a reputable and reliable IT partner to help protect your business data from the dark web?

Our experienced IT professionals here at Sun IT Solutions have all it takes to help your business in Toronto and environs and keep them safe regarding corporate dark web protection from dark web threats.

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