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All Microsoft 365 Apps Explained

Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one suite that helps businesses and individuals to utilize not just traditional Office apps, but take full advantage of cloud services and top-notch security. Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service of Microsoft, which is providing the best software suites in the world. With every passing year, more tools are added to the platform, while the features of existing ones get enhanced. Besides that, there are different subscription plans for Microsoft 365, such as individual, family, business basic, business premium, enterprise, etc. All of them provide different accessibility to Microsoft apps and other features. In this blog, we will discuss all Microsoft 365 apps based on the subscription plans.

Microsoft 365 Apps based on Subscription Plans

Depending on your subscription plan, Microsoft 365 provides you access to different apps. Following are all the Microsoft 365 apps divided based on the subscription plans:

Standalone Apps

Standalone apps are the ones that can be installed or used without having any subscription plan of Microsoft 365. Following are the standalone apps that can be accessed directly:

  • Microsoft Whiteboard: Microsoft Whiteboard helps users to collaborate with other teammates in real-time. It can be downloaded on Windows or Android and iOS devices.
  • Microsoft Editor: Microsoft Editor is a grammar and spelling checking tool just like Grammarly that can be installed as an extension in Chrome or Edge and also comes with Personal and Family subscription plans.
  • Microsoft Project: Microsoft Project is a powerful project management tool that provides Gantt chart support and plenty of other features to make project management simple and graphical.
  • Microsoft Visio: Microsoft Visio is a drawing tool that helps to draw flowcharts, data flow diagrams, floor plans, 3D maps, etc. It is somehow similar to Microsoft Whiteboard and also acts as a handy tool while having team meetings.
  • Microsoft To Do: Microsoft To Do is a cloud-oriented task management tool that makes it easy and personal for users to manage out the whole day. It is also available with all the subscriptions plan.
  • MileIQ: MileIQ is a mileage tracking service that helps to accurately capture, organize, and report your deductible and reimbursable miles.

Personal and Family Package Apps

Microsoft 365 personal and family subscription packages are ideal when the number of users is limited and the demand is for basic Microsoft 365 apps. Following are the apps that can be accessed in personal and family packages:

  • Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is a globally known word processing program that is used to type and then save documents.
  • Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel is a widely-used spreadsheet program that facilitates managing numbers and implementing different formulas and functions.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation development program that helps to create intuitive and graphical presentations.
  • Microsoft OneNote: Microsoft OneNote is a simple and easy-to-use note-taking program that can gather notes, audio commentaries, screen clippings, drawings, etc.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft Outlook is basically an email client, but also provides other functionalities, such as contact managing, task managing, calendaring, etc.
  • Microsoft Publisher: Microsoft Publisher is a publishing tool for desktop that facilitates in creating different types of publications.
  • Microsoft Access: Microsoft Access is a powerful database management tool.
  • Skype: Skype is a well-reputed worldwide voice and video calling platform of Microsoft.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage space provided by Microsoft where you can store your data and files.

With personal and family packages, you get access and license to all the above apps and can easily download them to your PC.

Business Basic Package Apps

Microsoft 365 business basic package only provides online access to the majority of the apps provided in personal and family packages. But it does provide downloadable access to the following apps:

  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing app that helps educational institutions to conduct lectures online and businesses to hold virtual team meetings.
  • Microsoft SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based sharing service of Microsoft that facilitates managing and sharing content, applications, and other data with others.
  • Microsoft Exchange: Microsoft Exchange is an email server that helps to manage emails and runs only on Windows Server OS.
  • Microsoft OneDrive.

Business Standard Package Apps

Microsoft 365 business standard package provides access to all the apps available in personal, family, and business basic packages. In short, it provides a complete suite plan for a business that needs both online and downloadable access to all the above apps.

Business Premium Package Apps

Microsoft 365 business premium package provides all the apps you can get in business standard package, along with the following additional apps:

  • Azure Information Protection: Microsoft Azure Information Protection is a cloud-oriented service that facilitates businesses to find, classify, and secure emails and documents by setting up content labels.
  • Microsoft Intune: Microsoft Intune is a cloud-oriented mobile application and device management service.

Enterprise Package Apps

Microsoft 365 enterprise package includes all the apps and services that Microsoft 365 can provide to the users. So, you will be getting all the business premium package apps, but there are few more exclusive apps under the enterprise package, as follow:

  • Microsoft Yammer: Microsoft Yammer is a social networking service that provides social media similar feeds and chat options, but it is used as a private communication platform within an organization.
  • Microsoft Sway: Microsoft Sway is a cloud-based lightweight and easy-to-use app for creating demonstrations and presentations. It is more like an advanced PowerPoint.
  • Microsoft Stream: Microsoft Stream is an app for creating and uploading videos and then sharing them with others in a secure environment.
  • Microsoft Planner: Microsoft Planner is a teamwork planning app that provides a collaborative, intuitive, and visual task management platform for organizations.
  • Microsoft Power Apps: Microsoft Power Apps provides a comprehensive suite of connectors, services, apps, and other resources for the quick development of applications for business purposes.
  • Microsoft Power BI Pro: Microsoft Power BI Pro is an advanced business intelligence tool that not just helps in extracting useful insights from data but also allows to share and collaborate with other teammates.
  • Microsoft MyAnalytics: Microsoft MyAnalytics is a tool that facilitates managers and employees to get insights about how their workers are utilizing their time and make them more focused on their tasks.

Wrapping Up

All the above top-notch apps present how broad and powerful Microsoft 365 is becoming with every passing year. It is providing all the essential tools and apps that individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises need to carry out their daily activities without rolling around multiple other platforms. But you must also regularly visit the Microsoft 365 website to know about more latest apps and features available in Microsoft 365.