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5 Awesome Windows 11 Features you should use

Windows 11 is coming up with lots of new features. It is being termed the “next generation” of Windows that is meant to bring simplicity, connectivity, and efficiency. Out of all the exciting features to see in Windows 11, we are highlighting the 5 awesome Windows 11 features that you should definitely try as soon as you get access to Windows 11.

1.Dictation with Auto Punctuation

Windows 10 provides the Dictation tool, but it does not add punctuations. With Windows 11, the Dictation tool has become more efficient. Now when you dictate, you will see that it adds punctuations automatically. To check it out, open Notepad and then click “Windows key” + “H”. Click the “Settings” icon and there you will see “Auto punctuation” turned on. Next, click the “Microphone” icon and start speaking. Notepad will start writing down what you say along with adding correct punctuations.

2.Customizable Multiple Desktops

You can now quickly add multiple desktops in Windows 11 and customize them the way you want. There is a dedicated “Desktop” icon in the taskbar from where you can access your desktops or add new ones. But the notable element is the customization of desktops. If you right-click any desktop from the taskbar, you can now rename it, change the background, and reposition it. You can also shift between desktops by pressing “CTRL key” + “Windows key” + “Arrow keys”.

Multiple desktops have seen lots of improvements in Windows 11, but still, there are some major things to fix, such as you cannot customize taskbar apps over different desktops and you cannot put one desktop on one monitor while the other one on another.

3.Window Snapping

Window snapping has become a lot more fun in Windows 11. In Windows 10, you could drag your window to left or right to place it in that half of the screen. In Windows 11, once you bring the mouse close to the “maximize” icon, you get multiple snapping hints. It makes window snapping more easy and quick.

In addition, if you want to further expand your snapping experience, Microsoft provides a free tool, PowerToys, that lets you do much more than just the built-in snapping options. For example, download and launch PowerToys. Go to the “FancyZones” tab and click “Launch layout editor”. It will let you choose how you like to see your different snap zones. You can even create a new one by clicking “Create new layout”. Besides snapping, PowerToys has also other tools that can also enhance your overall experience. The best part, PowerToys is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11, so you can even try it out on Windows 10 today.

4.Snap Groups

Let’s assume you have snapped three windows, one on the left side, and two on the right side. Afterward, you went to the desktop, and now you want to go back to your previously made snapped structure. But you don’t have to snap the windows again, as Windows 11 has a new Snap Groups feature for it. From the taskbar, if you go to any of the windows that were snapped, you can now see a group tab. Click on it and it will restore back the snapped windows in the same position.


Windows 11 also provides widgets, which probably make you remember Windows 7. You can access widgets from the taskbar by clicking the “Widgets” icon. It will show you different widgets, such as weather, traffic, calendar, photos, and similar others. You can customize the widgets by clicking the 3-dots horizontal icon. You can also reposition them and even add more widgets by clicking “Add widgets”.

Bonus: Secret Start Menu

Probably everyone who has seen the Windows 11 launch event or official Microsoft video must know the new Start menu in Windows 11. But what if I tell you there is another secret Start menu in Windows 11. Bring your mouse close to the Start menu icon in the taskbar and right-click. It shows the secret Start menu, which allows you to quickly go to task manager, settings, file explorer, device manager, and similar other places.

Wrapping Up

Windows 11 promises many new features that are going to enhance productivity and simplify many regular tasks. The above features are some of the best ones to see in Windows 11, but we can expect even more once it’s officially released by Microsoft.