Managed IT Support Services in Vaughan

As a small business, it is crucial that you have the same technology infrastructure running seamlessly as large enterprises do. Even if you have in-house IT personnel, chances are they won’t have the time to carefully monitor your entire technology infrastructure, which is the heart of business productivity. This is where IT Managed Support Services in Toronto from Sun IT Solutions comes in.

Managed Services from Sun IT Solutions equips you with a team of technicians who’ll utilize your technology infrastructure to its fullest potential. This includes proactive monitoring and maintenance, deployment of customized technology solutions, network and security optimization and more. The result? A technology infrastructure at its best that supports your business goals, simplifies work processes and maximizes efficiency.

IT Managed Support Services in Vaughan from Sun IT Solutions include:


Managed Services

We keep your technology infrastructure running smoothly through proactive monitoring and maintenance. Issues are fixed in the backend before downtime is caused so you can expect minimal disruption to your operation and work with utmost productivity.


Managed Antivirus

Stay protected from online threats with multi-layer protection, data encryption and real-time notification. Viruses are eliminated before they even come close to your critical data and applications so you never have to worry about them again.


Managed Backup

Ensure data safety, confidentiality and availability no matter what comes your way. We backup your data to our multiple off-site storage facilities so we can get you up and running in no time should the worse happen.


Patch Management

We automatically manage Windows updates to ensure your servers are protected and operating at optimal capability. Say goodbye to manual patching and work with confidence with the latest security patches always.


Alerts and Notifications

Get automatic notifications when your network performance degrades so remediation can happen as soon as possible to minimize downtime. When a site visit is required, immediate alerts make sure you get help right when you need it.


Network Traffic Flow Analysis

We provide unparalleled visibility into traffic network patterns and usage through time packet capture. This effectively determines how traffic impacts your network’s health so we can make sure you’re never faced with traffic problems.


Real-time Reporting

Gain insight into your technology environment with reports for all collected network data that allows you to drill down into specific time periods or events, or even change chart type. What’s more, report scheduler lets you view reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


24/7 Monitoring

Our 24/7 Monitoring means you’ll never have to worry about intrusion, unauthorized access or system failures. We monitor your IT systems round the clock to make sure your technology infrastructure is running seamlessly as it should be.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Vaughan with years of industry experience, we have a selective team of technicians who have cultivated the necessary skill and knowledge critical to delivering the support that drives results to your operations. We can work as an extension of your in-house IT staff, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

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