Call Center Solutions

Call center solutions that empower world-class customer service

Every business has its challenges - we are here to solve them. If you are struggling with the prospect of starting or maintaining a call center, Sun IT Solutions can help you find the call center solution that will best fit your needs. Our experts take the time out to deeply analyze each aspect of your business before putting forth a customized solution that maximizes the effectiveness of your customer care programs.

Here are some of our great features:

  • ACD Set - enjoy hunt groups, the option of call queuing for when all attendants are busy, and a treatment for no–answer as well
  • Auto Attendants - route your callers to the person they want quickly and efficiently
  • Comfort Announcements - customize your calls with your company messages or music that plays while your customers are on hold. Playing company advertisements in this slot is another great strategy!

With Call Center Solutions from Sun IT Solutions, you benefit from:

  • A flexible solution package
  • Improved customer care
  • Integrated call centers all over the world
  • The ability to offer 24/7 customer care throughout the year
  • Effective management of calls
  • Cost savings
  • Audio and video announcement support
  • A centralized system for IP recording and monitoring of calls

Are you ready to join the top customer service organizations that rely on Sun IT Solutions's world-class call center solutions?

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