Why Hosted PBX

Are you looking for a phone provider for your business? Hoping to find the least expensive option which still gives optimal performance?

Well you have landed at just the right place. Here we provide businesses like yours with hosted PBX services that can perfectly address all your concerns.

Not Aware Of What Hosted PBX Is?

Hosted PBX is the future of business telephone systems. If you want to compete well in todays internet based, virtual world, you have to stay on top of your game with latest technologies like hosted PBX. Now with hosted PBX you can enjoy an array of features with the best mobility ever.

Enjoy Unified Communications

Through our product ‘Hosted SIP’ we offer our customers all the functionality and features that they can get over a traditional and more expensive PBX system. But we offer all these features ‘in a cloud’. We take matters into the hands of our own secure data center and manage all your communications remotely.

With ‘Hosted SIP’ you can enjoy an unshakable Hosted PBX service that delivers the ultimate flexibility, minimum hassle, unlimited scalability, and maximum satisfaction that you could want for your business phone system.

We truly do deliver unified communication solutions!

Stability and Network Redundancy

Hosted SIP ensures that the highest quality technology is used a nationwide hosted VoIP network that offers full redundancy in all geographical locations of Canada.

Hosted SIP is a name that has been trusted for years by many businesses both small and large. We have built a strong platform using state – of – the – art technologies to solidify a genuine name in the market.

We monitor our edge router’s performance 24/7 to ensure that we deliver the best quality of service along with solid reliability.

Enjoy bona fide quality service and total peace of mind by letting Hosted SIP handle your businesses phone system.