Hosted PBX for your Business

Hosted PBX for your Business Toronto, Markham, Barrie, Vaughan, New Market, Whitby, Pickering and Mississauga

Hosted PBX is now ubiquitous. Each and every organization is shifting towards the Hosted PBX and its variant versions from the traditional line of telecommunication. Small business houses, that has missed the train wondering whether to move to VoIP or not is still in dilemma. Inadequate knowledge about the system or lack of proper guidance could be the reason why they are still using the age-old system of telephone line.

Sun IT Solutions have taken an initiative to help the users with guidelines and providing them with top 10 reasons on why should a company start using Hosted PBX for their business. Among the host of benefits, our expert analyst team finalized on following reasons.

Same Telephone number: One of the most important benefits of transferring to Hosted PBX is that you need not have to change your old existing phone number. Hence, no need to update website or discard the printed cards and stationery.

  • Low cost: Your business saves a lot of money as the entire infrastructure is maintained by VoIP service provider. This being a hosted service, you need not have to spend on costly PBX devices.
  • Maintenance charges: One need not have to worry and appoint any full time IT personal to look and manage the devices. All system upgrades, updates and add-ons are managed by the Hosted PBX service provider.
  • Flexible solution: A company may have to spend a lot if they want to implement any costly module, but with Hosted PBX solutions, the entire expense is getting shared among other companies planning to use the same module.
  • Customized modular pack: The strong point for growth of Hosted PBX is that you need to pay for only those features that you use.
  • Scalable: Hosted PBX allows the client to upgrade the features and capacity limits with easy. One need not have to change the infrastructures drastically. Few clicks on the provider website, payment done and you are ready with higher limit of the service.
  • Integration problem: Office based PBX system generally rely too much on the equipments installed on the premises, whereas Hosted PBX services maintains a seamless infrastructure. It avoids the complexity related to integration issues.
  • Low call cost: As the entire system is based on internet technology, all the voice calls are routed via net connection reducing the call costs.
  • Ease of use: A business saves a lot on training and teaching the staff on using the new system. Man-hour is saved as the Hosted PBX system is very easy to use and understand.
  • Enhanced productivity: As there is not to see much on the system and device, the IT staff can look for more productive issue relate with the organization.

One must learn that the mentioned 10 reasons are enough for any organization to select the Hosted PBX service as their preferred choice of telecommunication. For smaller companies, Hosted PBX service is the best solution saving time and money. Sun IT Solutions can guide you for the entire process of installation of Hosted PBX service for your business.