Cloud PBX for your business

Joining the ranks of cloud-based technologies is Cloud PBX - but what is it and what can it do for your business that traditional, on-site PBX can’t?

Cloud vs. Traditional PBX

Traditional PBX, or private branch exchange, involves the use of a large number of physical phone cables connected to a panel at your company’s office. While it provides a business telephone system that offers inter-office dialing, voicemail, conference calls and more, its drawbacks include high initial and ongoing costs for setup and servicing.

The difficulty of upgrading or altering the traditional PBX panel, and the lack of a backup system in the event of a service outage, are further reasons Cloud PBX is a better choice all round.

Benefits of Cloud PBX

A Cloud PBX system offers large installation and maintenance savings compared with Traditional PBX as no physical exchange panel is required. Without the need for technicians to service it, businesses can manage their own PBX, while updates and add-ons are handled by Sun IT Solutions - including adding further telephone numbers for complete scalability.

Cloud PBX can be configured more quickly and easily than Traditional PBX, runs on multiple servers to provide continuity through outages and offers phone numbers local to your main office or key clients, even if staff telecommute from elsewhere.

Features of Cloud PBX

The following are just some of the features of Cloud PBX offered by Sun IT Solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business:

  • Auto-attendant: a pre-recorded menu system allowing callers to be put through to the relevant department.
  • Dial-by-name: allow callers to reach specific colleagues even without knowing their extension number.
  • High calling capacity: callers never get a busy signal and can always get through to a member of staff.
  • Custom hold music: play music or recorded information to callers waiting on hold.
  • Business hour rules: allows you to set the days and times your staff take calls, and to redirect callers to a voicemail message at other times.
  • Conference calls: hold group calls with colleagues and clients.
  • Make calls from your computer: Cloud PBX is compatible with soft phones, allowing you to make and receive calls through your computer.
  • Voicemail notifications: get notifications of new voicemails by e-mail, cell phone and more.
  • Caller ID: see who is calling you before you answer, and display your company’s name and number when dialing out.
  • Call forwarding: take your calls with you when away from your desk, by re-routing callers to a colleague, to your home number or to a cell; you can even forward calls to multiple numbers and answer from whichever phone is most convenient at the time.
  • Call recording and mentoring: selectively record incoming or outgoing calls, or listen in on calls for training purposes and speak to colleagues without the external caller hearing.
  • Keep your number: keep your existing number when you switch to Cloud PBX.
  • Web-based system: manage your Cloud PBX system online when and where it suits you.
  • Call records: access online records of incoming and outgoing calls and drill down to the details you need.

Take your communications to new heights with Cloud PBX from Sun IT Solutions.

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