As a leading Microsoft Azure Consulting firm in Toronto, we ensure that your company is secure, agile, and compliant when transforming to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure is an ultimate open, flexible, and top-notch cloud computing platform. This platform gives businesses the ability to move faster, do more with less, and save money with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Sun IT Solutions develops a custom IT cloud services solution while providing any support you may need during the entire cloud migration process. Using our managed IT services and IT support services program, as your Cloud Services Provider (CSP), we proactively manage your cloud environment, ensuring you complete the following business steps.


Reduced Operations Expenses

No upfront purchases of equipment are required with cloud technology. You will have greater control, security, and flexibility with employees having access to data from any device.


Single Sign-On – Offering secure access to all your data

Our goal is to simplify your life. Using Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) we implement single sign-on capabilities for all corporate users so they do not have to remember passwords.


Disaster Recovery

By utilizing automation, we create a custom disaster recovery and business continuity plan, no matter how complex your IT infrastructure may be.


Simplified Infrastructure

We ensure all data and applications reserved on servers, clients, and within the cloud are backed up and stored proactively with the option to geo-replicate your data across multiple secure Microsoft datacenters.


Microsoft Azure Features:

Azure offers support for multiple operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases, and devices.

Azure supports the same technologies millions of businesses, developers and IT professionals already rely on and trust resulting in cost effective cloud services solutions and excellent business ROI.

What makes Azure special is that it adopts the same technology that is being used by millions of businesses, developers, and IT professionals. They rely on this and have confidence in effective cost results for cloud services solutions and excellent business ROI.

With Azure, companies can easily extend their existing IT infrastructure with secure private connections, hybrid databases, storage solutions, encryption, and Canadian Data Residency. Azure provides numerous hybrid cloud services solutions to give businesses the best of both worlds including less complexity and being cost reducing.

Businesses can securely build, deploy, and manage powerful websites and apps with Microsoft Web Apps Service. Microsoft allows the use of standard programming languages and uses a single back end.

Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps enable companies to build apps for iOS, Android and Windows. App data can be stored in the cloud or on-premises in a hybrid cloud environment. You can even authenticate users and send notifications to mention a few possibilities.

Azure Virtual Machines allow companies to deploy a variety of computing solutions instantly and only pay for what they use. It enables to deploy any workload and language with support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, and SAP.

Organizations can take advantage of cloud agility using Microsoft Azure Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Azure provides secured access to corporate data and applications along with the desktop access from Azure.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database allows companies to scale easily. Azure gives you the ability to pool resources which will reduce cost especially for the companies having extreme workload.

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