Security Management

Using the latest IT security products and tools,as well as our extensive expertise, Sun IT Solutions will keep all of your cybersecurity optimized to prevent any cyberattack damage and keep you compliant, while you focus on your business.

Security Management Services

Our team manages and operates your firewall infrastructure to keep your confidential data safe and accessible to your private network at all times.

By managing your IDS/IPS, we can monitor your web traffic for suspicious activity and counteract any malicious threats that attempt to infiltrate your network.

Next-Gen firewalls have improved functionality and threat detection, which we will improve by monitoring them closely and creating more effective blocklists to keep you safe.


Threat Detection Services

By utilizing cutting-edge security solutions, we proactively hunt for potential threats on your systems and devices to prevent them entirely or quickly eradicate them.

Threat Detection Services

We will monitor your infrastructure endpoints 24/7 and deal with any threats that infiltrate your network as soon as they are detected.

Preventing attacks on your endpoints through a combination of advanced security solutions and cybersecurity experience is the most effective method to keep your IT safe.

We learn from cyberthreats by analyzing security events and using this information to fix any flaws in your cybersecurity.


Security Monitoring

Our 24/7 security monitoring protocols are one of the key foundations of our Managed IT Security Services. As we detect security issues in real time, determine whether they are false positives or valid threats, and counter them effectively.

Security Monitoring Services

By checking security alerts in real time, we use our analysis to identify the extent of the threat then determine our next steps accordingly.

We keep extensive records of security events for investigative purposes, and we will create detailed reports from these logs for Compliance Reporting purposes.


Vulnerability Management

With our detailed security software, we will scan your entire IT network — both on-premises and in the cloud — to uncover possible vulnerabilities and implement solutions to solve them.

Vulnerability Management Services

We will deploy and maintain specific vulnerability management programs that give us oversight and control of your cybersecurity integrity to keep it optimized.

Our security experts will calibrate their scans of your IT to cover every possible attack vector to keep you safe from the latest threats.

Keeping your network secure and protecting cardholder information are necessary to maintain PCI compliance. We’ll keep your network secure, protect cardholder information, and submit regulatory reports to maintain your PCI compliance and strong business reputation.

By scanning the web applications that your business relies on, we will find any vulnerabilities and fix them before they can be exploited by cyberthreats.

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