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For a while, the break/fix reactive approach to technical IT support has been prevalent in many businesses, especially in Richmond Hill. All thanks to the entry of Managed IT services which changed the entire game of technical IT support. At Sun IT Solutions, we focus on an approach that ensures that your business core operations are unaffected while we professionally handle all your IT and IT infrastructure in Richmond Hill.

Being the preferred choice amongst companies in Richmond Hill, Sun IT Solutions remains the first when it comes to professionalism, expertise, and offering quality services relating to your entire IT department and IT infrastructure. IT areas we cover include:

  • IT support, technical support, Help desk & Service Desk.
  • IT and project management
  • Proactive Server Management (PSM)
  • Remote monitoring (RM)
  • Software patching
  • Network Monitoring
  • Asset procurement and management
  • IT procedures and policy
  • Cloud Technology and Cloud services
  • Outsource CIO

Our Major Managed IT services and solutions in Richmond Hill

Workstation Management

We cannot overstate the importance of keeping your company or business computers up-to-date with the latest performance updates and security updates. Our flat fee service ensures that all of your computers are running at peak performance and with the latest security updates. To ensure high-quality security and business productivity, we do not use roadside updates or software, but only use third-party software that is trusted, tested, and reliable.

Anti-Virus Management

The management of antivirus software is a critical aspect of any business today. Sun IT Solutions is well-positioned to offer only the highest quality anti-virus solutions to its clients as a trusted partner. In order to ensure the security of your company, we make sure the most reliable antivirus solutions are used. We also make sure all your computers and servers receive the latest licenses while maintaining the most current versions of all our products. We only charge a flat fee for this service.

Outsourced CIO

As it pertains to OCIO solutions, Sun IT Solutions is known for its uniqueness. By partnering with you, we help you focus on higher strategic initiatives that are critical to your business’s success. Count on us for a hands-on roadmap that effectively enhances your business, your goals, and your successes. Using the right objectives, we can balance your strategic priorities with your daily decisions.

Data Backup

Protecting your data is integral to the security of your business. As a result, we put only feasible, viable, affordable, and tested cloud-based solutions to work protecting your data. Our cloud backup solutions are designed to ensure your business has a reliable cloud backup strategy that is goal-oriented, trustworthy, and provides the data security it needs.

Proactive Technical Support

With more than a decade of experience and a team that is vast and knowledgeable in the industry, we remain the leading provider of top-notch technical support. This allows us to provide you with an agreement that is not just transparent, but also reliable and focused on your business goals. The best service desk tools and technology are used to handle all support requests.

Disaster recovery

Disaster is the last thing any business wants. The secret to success in business is to have a plan for business continuity when a crisis occurs. In this case, Sun IT Solutions will be able to assist you with the needed level of business continuity solutions that can keep your company running even during a crisis.

Server Management

We ensure optimal server performance through our server management solution. We offer this service for a flat service fee. Our experts monitor, patch, and manage all your servers to lessen any threats, and get alerted on any warnings, failures, or signals.

Network Management

As part of our network management solution, we provide detailed insight into your business’s traffic, uptime, and security through firewalls. We also conduct regular checks on your firmware and security.

Why Partner With Sun IT Solutions in Richmond Hill?

In Richmond Hill, Sun IT Solutions remains the top provider and leader in IT consultations with a variety of services from Managed IT Services to IT Support, IT Outsourcing, Tech Support, and Cloud Services. To date, our IT solution has brought smiles to the faces of many companies in Richmond Hill. We are a team of 100% IT professionals who work tirelessly to deliver A-grade IT services. Additionally, we stand behind our products and services. In fact, we do not lock our clients into long-term contracts. Sun IT Solutions is committed to meeting all clients’ needs with the latest technology.

You can rest assured that the tools and technologies you use with Sun IT Solutions are of the highest quality and the latest in the industry. To ensure your business’s success, we work around the clock and relentlessly.

Here are the top reasons to partner with Sun IT Solutions in Richmond Hill:

A-grade Business IT support

IT support from Sun IT Solutions includes hardware installation and maintenance, cloud services, backups, disaster recovery, and more.

Peace of Mind all day, 24/7

Our Managed Service model is something we are proud of. Your business essentially becomes the recipient of a complete, dedicated IT solution that is hassle-free without having to staff an IT department.

Less Risk

With our in-depth industry knowledge, we can effectively manage risk for you. We ensure that all compliance and security requirements are met. In addition, we employ all of our resources to minimize your business risk.

Proactive Solutions

You can enhance performance with proactive effort, near-zero downtime, and fewer glitches by outsourcing to a trusted Managed IT service provider like Sun IT Solutions. These issues are detected even before they occur and we put everything in place to prevent them.

Predictable and controlled Budgeting

Through our customized solutions, we are able to provide your business with predictable budgeting. Our simple pricing options mean you don’t have to worry about your IT service.

Low cost (cost-effective solutions)

Lower operational and business costs are the major benefits of our Managed IT service for all our clients. The impact of costly network disasters is one of the costs we minimize.

Access to industry-best professionals

Having an MSP is just as good as having an in-house IT department but at no additional cost. You have access to the best professionals in the industry that are dedicated to handling all your questions and issues when you work with Sun IT Solutions.

Best and Latest technology

Rather than just using any technology, we use the latest and best technologies to ensure your business scales quickly. You never have to worry about expensive equipment or licenses with us since we only work with the latest applications.

Fastest Support and Response Time

Businesses working with SunTel know that they have the fastest support and response time available. By using our Monitoring and Management tools, we can handle most network issues your business faces.

Guaranteed Service Levels

With Sun IT Solutions, you can always expect your SLA (Service Level Agreement) to be met or even exceeded. You can rest assured that your network and end-users are secure.

Best Vendor management solutions

By managing all software and hardware vendors, we prevent you from having to worry about complex technical terms and discussions.

More Business Focus

When you partner with Sun IT Solutions as your trusted Managed Service Provider in Richmond Hill, you can concentrate on what you do best. We’ll handle the complex IT aspects of your business.

We provide a variety of Managed IT services designed to increase business productivity. We’ve been a leader in IT solution and support delivery in Richmond Hill for many years. Our range of services includes:

  • Managed IT Services Richmond Hill
  • IT Consulting
  • Managed Security Services
  • IT Outsourcing
  • 24/7 IT Support Richmond Hill
  • IT Help Desk / Help desk support
  • Cloud Services IT Solutions
  • Remote IT Support Richmond Hill
  • Hosted PBX
  • Data Security
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Network security

Access The Best Tools

As long as Sun IT Solutions is at the core of your IT management, there can only be one class of industry tools you can access - the finest tools in the industry. Since we understand the importance of providing the desired success story and result for your business, we rely on the best. By collaborating and partnering with the best, we can deliver the top reporting, structure, and service for your company. Let Sun IT Solutions take care of all your IT issues.

The Best tools at your fingertips

There is only one class of industry tools you can access once Sun IT Solutions is a primary component of your IT management - the best. By using the best, we ensure your business has the greatest chance of success. With our collaborative approach and partnerships, we provide the best reporting, structure, and service to help grow your business. With Sun IT Solutions, your IT concerns are over.

Delivering top-notch IT services with Suntel Technology

We provide business-grade IT solutions that ensure that your business is managed and protected from any type of IT risk. The services we provide are fully customizable while also delivering unmatched value.

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