What is Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a fully-managed, enterprise-grade phone system that utilizes cloud technology to connect your business without the costs and complexity of a traditional phone system. By leveraging Sun IT Solutions's hosted PBX phone system businesses can enjoy the flexibility of the cloud with the quality and control of onsite equipment - eliminating maintenance headaches and increasing uptime. Since Sun IT Solutions manages and hosts the service, you can take full advantage of the benefits that a cloud communication solution offers:

  • Simplicity - eliminate service issues and finger pointing between your PBX vendor, carrier, ISP and network integrator
  • Economics - reduce your monthly communication expenses with free in-network calling and unlimited usage while eliminating the capital required to purchase new equipment
  • Productivity - integrate communications and your PC desktop while delivering advanced services to users on the road and at home
  • Control - enjoy unmatched control and point-and-click configuration over all services through our web-based portal
  • Performance - our team of network and security professionals monitor and manage your services 24/7
  • Stability - enjoy built-in disaster recovery and business continuity features - the off-premise nature of a hosted PBX means that your business keeps running regardless of what happens at your physical location
  • Scalability - add users and services when needed and leverage the support of experienced PBX professionals

Join us in the cloud and take your business to new heights.

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