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Sun IT Solutions remains the leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in the region of Toronto. Known for its delivery of quality IT consulting and IT resources, Suntel technology has helped organizations engage in seamless and smooth migration of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Other CSP offered includes cloud storage, disaster recovery, and services like Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud services. The crust of the matter is that Sun IT Solutions cost-effectively offers these services.

We have been in the business of helping top businesses and companies in the Toronto area migrate seamlessly to different cloud services using multiple platforms such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). As the leading provider of CSP in Toronto, we are always at the forefront in addressing the concerns of cloud security, cloud data ownership, and cloud stability. Our custom cloud service solutions are focused on helping your business maximize its uptime by developing hybrid cloud solutions that can replicate localized data to the cloud.

Sun IT Solutions provides companies with top-notch data centers featured with industry-grade infrastructure and multiple levels of redundancy as well as different levels of security to ensure the safety of your data, systems, and applications. We guarantee optimal uptime to ensure your operations are reliable, continuous, and available as we are your trusted partner in terms of Cloud Service Providers (CSP). We offer a large range of collocation and data center services to ensure flexibility and workability with other managed cloud services; IT managed services, and IT infrastructure.

Our 100% Canadian professionals and internal technical support are always on deck to help eliminate the stress and cost of managing and maintaining your in-house IT infrastructure. With our Custom cloud services, we can free up limited resources in your business; this allows you to focus on running your business and concentrating on growth.

Sun IT Solutions is the leading CSP (Cloud Service Provider) in Toronto, and it's 100% Canadian


This is focused on standard IT cloud services whereby a company is reliant on a third-party cloud service provider (CSP) to offer them different cloud services like cloud servers, cloud infrastructure, cloud storage, and cloud applications. Most services such as storage and applications are made available via the internet on a Pay-per-usage method. The reason for this is because of the underlying IT architecture – it is fixed for less scope in terms of customization for better security and performance.

Many types of Public Cloud exists; the most popular being Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). Public cloud services are known for being deployed faster and offer better accessibility and scalability compared to On-Premises IT infrastructure. Public cloud services can be offered on a fixed monthly basis or pay-as-you-go basis depending on your business needs.

Expert Recommendation:

If your company is one that needs to bring its service to the market quickly, then this is an ideal service. Also, it is ideal for businesses with lesser industry regulatory obstacles and for businesses looking to outsource all or part of their IT department. With Cloud Service Providers like Sun IT Solutions, you can get started with cloud services almost immediately with little capital and IT consultation.


This involves deploying Cloud services solely for a single organization, including customized IT infrastructures like Customized cloud storage, virtual workstation, cloud infrastructure, and virtual servers. With our many years in the cloud service business, we have seen private cloud service works best for companies with IT needs that are unpredictable and dynamic. This means the companies would need direct control over their cloud service environment and require constant engagement between the IT department and IT management to focus on the IT infrastructure and IT environment.

There are great features that any company can access with private cloud service – features including high-level security, high availability of the network, and multiple fault-tolerant solutions that cannot be gotten with a public cloud service. Establishing a private cloud service involves a huge investment of capital, and an in-depth evaluation of how the reallocation of existing resources should be done. There are no short-term ROI with private cloud service, unlike public cloud services.

Expert recommendation

If your company is one that must comply with strict industry regulations, including financial, insurance, and healthcare, then private cloud services are most likely the ideal solution for you. Also, if your business is one that makes use of highly critical applications, then a private cloud service is the ideal solution for you. With private cloud services, businesses have to install their hardware like servers, storage devices, switches, and firewalls, which gives them the flexibility to reallocate workload amongst servers as usage increases or new applications are deployed.


The Hybrid cloud service model is a combination of both the Private cloud service and Public cloud service. This model addresses a company’s need that operates a private cloud service but depends on a public cloud service when there is an increase in usage. There are many advantages of using a Hybrid cloud service, including more technical control of your IT infrastructure, more IT flexibility, more control of data, better security, better compliance options, technical predictability, and peace of mind. A hybrid cloud service simply offers your business the best of both worlds. As the leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP), this model helps us offer businesses a simplified cloud service implementation plan that easily and gradually embraces cloud services within your current It infrastructure. By leveraging on a hybrid cloud service, business leaders can now choose and customize the best-fit cloud service plans and solutions to meet their current business needs within a flexible framework that will allow for better IT management during future and business goal changes.

Expert recommendation

Like we earlier stated, this model is best for businesses that want to get the best out of both worlds – private cloud and public cloud services. You can easily place different tasks in either the private cloud or public cloud. This can also allow companies to have an on-premise IT infrastructure that can support the average workload while leveraging the public cloud as a fail-safe for when the workload exceeds the power of the in-house IT network or as part of a recovery strategy.